Let Your Style Ace the Job Interview

We have a few new faces at NL Collective and today we’re talking about how we got here, how we prepared and more importantly, what we wore.
Asos.com was an inspiration for some of us, it features some great business look ideas as mood boards to excite you for the big day.

We decided to put together a couple of looks of our own that we think are winners, to help you feel like a million bucks when going to present yourself whether it's for a design job at a luxury brand or sales downtown.

One of our favorites at NL Collective for this season is Xuan-Thu Nguyen’s cotton shirt-dress with an attached bowtie, which hangs to the right for the casual look and buttoned up for the preppy and polished. This one-piece wonder is an all in one, you really don’t need any extras to complete the outfit except for perhaps some Juicy Couture Fredo booties, available at Bloomingdales. It’s a perfect ensemble for your upcoming job interview; at least we all wish we wore it.

Xuan-Thu Nguyen is a name that happily thrives in Paris and is finally making its way to New York. This Spring, Nguyen features carefully crafted silk dresses, soft and light as the spring breeze itself; structured jackets in crisp, airy satin as well as uptown basics.
Making our second pick, Nguyen’s distressed silk shift dress (left) paired with Gene’s slim black vest (right) and Topshop’s pink pointed court shoes. Love.

Find Xuan-Thu Nguyen at http://www.x-tn.nl/home/and Gene at http://genestyle.com/en/home

Good luck, just be your chic self.