Fashion and Sports

If you’re a fashionista and sports fanatic, but not into to wearing you’re favorite team’s jersey there are many ways to integrate your love for fashion and sports. Designers like Alexander Wang, Carl Banks and Geoffrey Beene weren’t afraid to step out of the box and utilize their creative flair. In using great everyday essentials, such as blazers, cropped sweaters, dresses, tights, purses, tube socks, varsity jackets and bold colors, these designers have successfully created pieces for the everyday woman to show her sporty side and fashion forward aesthetic. For example, playing with exaggerated shapes to mimic the shoulder pads, which we see on the football field to the increasingly popular tube socks, typically worn by baseball and soccer players, on every hipster I’ve encountered on the streets of NYC.

Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham have been spotted on and off the stage sporting the sweet but rough, sexy but athletic padded blazer, taking the trend to another level. Want a relaxed and attractive look? Try pairing a pair of sweat pants with heels, which can take from day to night.

Some of our NL Collective designers have taken their artistic aptitude to another level and created bold, creative, statement pieces. Designer Xuan-Thu Nguyen has tailored a bold and colorful houndstooth blazer with dramatic shoulders that will stand out in any crowd and has also created a short, cropped gilet with black-fringed sequins. Designer Young&ng designed a gorgeous vintage copper cuff and jeweled headpiece to give any football inspired look an extra huff.

Xuan-Thu Nguyen Round Shoulder Blazer

Xuan-Thu Nguyen Sequin Gilet

If your going to join the rest of the state of New York in celebrating the Giants’ Super Bowl triumph over the Patriots tomorrow, NL Collective is here to inspire the fashionista in you to pick out the perfect outfit.