Making men's fashion for the girls

Man Power has returned to the runways in Milan this week, which is good news for the women. This summer's menswear trends for women can extend their stay into the next season, and looking at the images from men's fashion week in Milan, there are even more styles the fairer sex can steal. NL collective's designers are on top of it, and have plenty of pieces to show how anything a man can do, a woman can do better (at least when it comes to fashion... sorry boys!)

The trend: Dark jewel tones (as seen on Missoni)


Women's way: Gene and Amorette



The trend: Return of the Cosby sweater (as seen on Pringle of Scotland)

Pringle of Scotland

Women's way: Purple Ginger
Purple Ginger

The Trend: Asymetrical buttons (as seen on John Varvatos)

John Varvatos

Women's way: Selahdor