Turn the Office into your Runway

When entering into the professional world most people are a bit anxious about the dress code. This is a dilemma for any fashion-conscious woman in a professional field, whether it be accounting, law, business, or beyond. Here at NL Collective the thought of a plain suit everyday would make most shudder or words like conservative, stuffy, and boring came to mind. How do you let your fashion personality shine through while still remaining a conservative dress code?

Nothing is more boring than an all black with a plain white dress shirt, but once you incorporate a colored shirt everything becomes more interesting. Camel or charcoal silk or cotton shirt- both completely on-trend colors. Come spring and summer, a bold orange or pink, a cool mint, or a jewel-toned green shirt will do the trick.

Plain Business Suit

Purple Ginger

Colors, nautical stripes, and floral prints are always fashion-forward choices and a variety of retailers are offering silk button-up dress shirts or even scarves in these patterns.  Paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt or pants, they are a chic yet completely appropriate option for the office.

Xuan-Thu Nguyen

Purple Ginger Floral Dress

Purple Ginger
Gene, Chloe Set

Use jewelry to accessorize your outfit.  Of course there are the classic pearl earrings and necklace, but oversize necklace, gold and silver watches are another of my favorite accessories.  Another option is a statement bracelet, rings or layered chain necklaces.

Kristin Hanson
Young&ng Cuff

Marie-Lise Lachapelle ring

Julia deVille

Work the classic pieces in modern shapes. Instead of a plain fitted blazer, why not opt for a boyfriend blazer?  It’s just a bit longer than the traditional blazer with a slightly oversized cut, but infinitely cooler than its traditional cousin.   Another, risky option, is to swap your plain straight dress pants for harem-style trousers.  If you do try this tricky trend, make sure the rest of your outfit is conservative.


Chic Black Blazer

There is something so classic yet stylish about a wrap or sheath dress. These dresses are professional yet completely feminine. Of course Diane von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren Black Label, makes an amazing wrap dress, but there are tons of less expensive options for both wrap and sheath dresses at retailers and designers including The Gap, Amorette, H&M, Banana Republic, Forever 21, and The Bay.

Ralph Lauren Black Label Wrap Dress

Amorette Wrap Dress

Amorette The Roses Frill Wrap Dress