Be Warm and Cool in a Cropped Jacket

One thing we can all learn from summer is that sometimes, the weather can be unpredictable. Especially here in New York City! It may be blisteringly hot one moment, and then as soon as the sun sets, a cool breeze makes you shiver. So why not find the perfect item in fashion sales for the bipolar summer weather? Here at NL Collective Group, we believe there’s nothing more ideal (and much-needed) for summer than a light, cropped jacket. When thrown over a dress, tank top, romper, or anything at all, it adds a chic touch to any outfit, and is perfectly practical for the summer weather. You know those days when you look out the window and you can’t tell if it’s muggy or breezy out? Just throw on a great cropped jacket, or bring it with you for when the weather decides to change its mind. Cropped jackets are all over runways, fashion showrooms, and retail stores. Luxury designers (and powerhouses of the fashion business) Chanel, Milly, Jil Sander, and Carolina Herrera all have their own versions of the clean and ever-elegant cropped jacket. And these jackets look good on every woman, no matter who she is or what her body type may be, and thus, can be marketed and branded to everyone. Every woman needs one in her wardrobe. Luxury brand Blake Andrews has the perfect version of this trend. They’re relevant, dapper, and chic. In a cropped jacket, you’ll be warm of course, but more importantly… you’ll look good.



Jil Sander

Carolina Herrera

Blake Andrews

Blake Andrews