How Celebrities Impact the Fashion World

We all know that celebrities and the world of high-end designers go hand-in-hand. Celebrities wear couture gowns on the red carpet, and in turn promote the designers they’re wearing. High fashion trends begin with the extremely wealthy—celebrities, icons, and even royalty (we’re looking at you Kate Middleton) and then ultimately trickle down to the remainder of the population through more affordable retail chain stores and boutiques. Celebrities undoubtedly serve as a billboard for high-end designers, but the rest of the population (the moms, the young girls, the fashionistas on a budget) are the real target demographic to which most designers are marketing and branding. Here at NL Collective Group, as well as various New York Fashion Showrooms, we support those designers while still admiring the celebrities who start it all.
Beyonce in Givenchy
Singer Rose Hart wears Young and Ng

Dree Hemingway in Creatures of the Wind

Selena Gomez in Marchesa

Jennifer Lopez in Vogue
            Celebrities are by far the most powerful marketing tools out there. They start the popular trends; the trends that make people say, “I NEED to have that.” It’s essentially celebrities’ jobs to look good, and they influence the fashion world and fashion sales almost as much as the designers themselves. They also serve as role models to girls everywhere, young and old, and thus, essentially dictate what’s “cool” to wear at any given time. Runways, showrooms, and stores everywhere serve up clothing that have been inspired and worn by the rich and famous. And the young girls turning the pages of magazines such as Vogue and Glamour see their idols in a certain style, say, wide-legged jeans, and run out to their local affordable retailer in order to imitate and be more like their role models. Retailers recognize this, and base their retail selection off of the high fashion designs by the luxury fashion powerhouses. It’s an ongoing cycle and a business development. And without celebrities, we might not be at a dead-end, but our cycle certainly wouldn’t be as stimulated and inspired as it is today. So thank you to the celebrities for your glamorous red-carpet looks, thank you to the high fashion designers who live to serve them, and thank you to the retailers who bring the inspired (yet original) looks down to Earth for the rest of us.