Jumping for Joy

It’s probably safe to say that most women share a love for rompers. They’re playful, fun, and easy. Fashion sales would agree. Rompers are an outfit all in one, no fuss! But what about the romper’s forgotten relative, the jumpsuit? Many women feel that jumpsuits are hard to pull off, but here at NL Collective Group, we think everyone can work the look with a perfect, tailored version! Jumpsuits are all over runways, fashion showrooms, and retail stores everywhere. They’re elegant, sexy, and versatile; perfect for a sassy night on the town or a chic day at the office. Either way, a great jumpsuit will turn heads. Luxury designers and rulers of the fashion industry Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler, and Thakoon, all have their alluring and sophisticated version of the classic jumpsuit. The right jumpsuit is relevant and flattering on every body type, and thus, can be marketed and branded to every kind of woman. A jumpsuit is also classically stylish. Whether you’re a daring and audacious fashionista or a play-it-safer, there’s a jumpsuit branded just for you. Luxury brand Blake Andrews’s Empire jumpsuit in gray is charming, chic, and fresh. It’s an all-in-one ensemble and an impeccable fashion choice for anyone. So go ahead ladies, throw on a jumpsuit and jump for joy!

Ralph Lauren

Proenza Schouler


Blake Andrews