Stud Muffin

As we all know, studs are ultra-edgy. But you don’t have to be part of a motorcycle gang to wear them! Here at NL Collective Group, we LOVE the stud trend. (And trust us, motorcycles are one thing we don’t do.) Studs are badass and cool, but can be chic and feminine at the same time. When studs are splattered all over a garment, it undoubtedly makes a huge statement. But when placed on a piece of jewelry, like a cuff, studs add a bold touch to any outfit. The stud trend is rearing its spiky head all over runways, fashion showrooms, and retail stores everywhere. Luxury designers and fashion powerhouses Balmain and Betsey Johnson are embracing the trend with edgy studs and gothic motifs in some of their latest pieces. Even if your style isn’t audacious, bold, or flashy, studs are as chic as they are edgy. They can truly be branded and marketed to every kind of fashionista. Luxury jewelry collection Young&ng has a wide plethora of jaw-dropping and innovatively daring cuffs. But their studded cuffs are definitely a fan favorite, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re chic, enchanting, and exquisite. But most of all, they have an edge. Whether they’re speckled all over a blouse or doused on a statement cuff, studs are cool and elegant. So go ahead and embrace your inner biker babe. Throw on some studs!


Betsey Johnson