Beauty and the Beach

Continuing with the bathing suit theme today, we think it’s time to talk about chic beachwear. Bikini season is indeed upon us, but looking fabulous on the beach or by the pool takes so much more than just a great bathing suit. A great cover-up, some accessories (hello oversized jewelry, glam sunglasses, chic beach tote) and spectacular footwear all result in an unforgettable look for summer. Here at NL Collective Group, we’re aiming to find the perfect beach look, accessories and all. Because we know it takes so much more than just a bikini. Beachwear has been all over the Spring/Summer runways, showrooms, and retail stores everywhere. Glam beachwear is marketable to every woman who loves lying on the beach, getting a tan, sipping a daiquiri, and watching hot guys play volleyball without shirts on. And come on, that’s just about every one of us! Industry pros and fashion business powerhouses Mara Hoffman, Dolce and Gabbana, La Perla, and Prada all have their own branded versions of beachwear that serve as inspiration to all of us beachgoers. Luxury brand Gene has several amazing looks that are superb for a weekend getaway. And luxury jewelry designer Julia deVille has the accessories to take it to the next level. So next time the Hamptons are calling your name (we’re talking to you, New Yorkers) you’ll definitely be ready.

Mara Hoffman

Dolce and Gabbana

La Perla




Julia deVille