The Best Swimsuits to Flatter Your Figure

We have another guest post for you, and this one's all about finding the perfect bikini for you this summer. Enjoy!

It's summer, once again—and with summer comes outdoor fun in the sun, including fun at the beach or in your backyard pool. If you are a woman who plans on doing a lot of swimming or hanging out at the beach this year, you are going to need the perfect swimsuit. Unfortunately, shopping for a swimsuit is not a very exciting event for most women because swimsuits often bring attention to areas of the body a woman might not want noticed—and fashion marketing tends to emphasize only one body type over all others. If you want the perfect swimsuit that will truly flatter your figure, the following information will help you look like a true bathing beauty, regardless of your body type.

1. Pear Shaped Bodies. If you have a body type that is smaller on top, yet larger on bottom, you are considered to have a pear shaped body. When looking for a swimsuit that will flatter pear shaped bodies, look for bottoms that have the right type of coverage. Stay clear from boy shorts or skirted suits and instead opt for a fold over waist bottom. Also, choose a top that provides more coverage to balance out your body.

2. Bust Enhancers. Not every woman is endowed in the breast department, but a swimsuit can help that problem. If you are small busted, choose tops with padding or ruffles that will be certain to add a little oomph to your bust size.

3. Hide A Problem Tummy. If you, like many women, have a bit of a belly, you probably want your swimsuit to cover it in an attractive way. While it may seem simple to buy a swimsuit that is bulky and adds full coverage, these types of suits will only make you look bigger. Instead, opt for swimsuits with ruching and shirring at the sides, because these cuts will flatter your figure. Many retail stores will have swimsuits like these—and some will even carry the same luxury brands featured in New York fashion showroom sales and international showroom sales. Also, look for suits in bold colors that will draw attention away from your belly bulge.

4. Large Chest. Although most woman wouldn't consider a large chest to be an issue, it can become one on the beach if you do not know how to cover your girls properly. Plus, large breasted women need more support from their swimwear. A one piece swimsuit is the best type of swimsuit for a large chested woman because it will provide the protection and coverage she needs for a fun day at the beach. Always avoid skimpy bikini tops because these won't provide the type of coverage you need to protect your special assets.

Yes, swimsuit season is upon us once again, but this does not mean that you have to dread shopping for a new swimsuit. As long as you know the type of coverage you want to hide problem areas of the body while bringing attention to all of your great attributes, swimsuit shopping can be fun. No matter what, always remember if you are not comfortable in a swimsuit no matter what your body type, you will not be happy wearing it so find one that works best for you.

Georgia Damson enjoys writing about fashion and women's health. She is a contributing author at