Sweat-Proof Your Makeup

This is a guest post submitted to us that's all about how to keep your makeup fresh while beating the heat! We've also attached some photos of summer makeup that's inspired us here at NL Collective Group.

Summer is in full swing, as is the obligatory summer heatwave. If your makeup routine hasn’t changed, chances are you’re rocking raccoon eyes by noon. To avoid makeup meltdowns during these blazing summer months, a change in your makeup application is necessary. Follow these steps and you can sweat your buns off, without losing your makeup.

Using an oil-free primer under your foundation will provide a velvety canvas that will lock your foundation in place. While you don’t want to cake on the heavy products, a light layer of primer is a summer makeup must have. And don't be afraid to spend a little bit of money on any of the makeups that you use—the sort of primary featured in fashion branding or the sort that is worn by models at New York showroom sales and international showroom sales will be of a higher quality than cheaper, standard retail quality makeup, and will therefore be even more sweat-resistant. A primer will the fill lines and pores in your skin, evening your skin tone and setting the stage for your foundation.

Take it easy on the foundation. While I won’t ask you to forgo it altogether, it’s important to use thin layers of foundation, when sweating is inevitable. If you use a heavy hand while applying your foundation, it will run, streak, clump, and transfer to your clothes. After applying your primer, apply a light layer of foundation. If necessary, let it completely dry and apply one more light layer. This will increase the staying power of your foundation dramatically.

While using a small amount of powder to set your foundation is okay, avoid using it throughout the day for touch-ups. Adding powder to a sweaty situation will create a pasty concoction that will only add to your woes. Seal your foundation with a thin layer of powder, and for the rest of the day use blotting papers to absorb the sweat and oil from your face.

Stay away from the smoky eye look during the summer. There is nowhere for this makeup to go but down. Your smoky eyes will be raccoon eyes by lunch. Try using a neutral colored cream eye shadow. Also, resist the temptation to use waterproof mascara alone. While it has excellent staying power, it is harsh and damaging to your eyelashes when it comes time for removal. Try applying your usual mascara, letting it dry, and then topping it off with a thin layer of waterproof mascara. This will set in the color, without making your mascara impossible to remove.

Layering your blush will give you a rosy glow even after the rest of your makeup has made a run for the border. Apply a cream based blush under your foundation and a similar shade of powder blush on top. This will give you a backup shade for when things get really sticky.

Lipstick and lip gloss is probably not the best choice during the summer. Not only will it not stay, but you’re not going to want to add to the shine. A natural color of lip tint, covered by a lip balm with sunscreen is your best bet. Not only will you protect your pucker from the harsh rays of the sun, but your color will last through the day.

During the summer, it’s difficult to keep our makeup fresh. With our bodies working against us, our options are limited when it comes to sweat proofing our face. However, if you follow these steps and keep your makeup to a minimum, you’re sure to make it through the day without a total makeup meltdown.

Dana Garder writes about fashion and homeownership at www.homeequityloan.net.