Beautiful Genuine Gemstone Jewelry Online

By Patrice McCoy

Unless you happen to be an expert gemologist, it can be very difficult to identify genuine gemstone jewelry these days. It is no longer a case of picking out the colored glass from the real stones, they now manufacture real gems in laboratories and even an expert can have a problem telling real from fake. Perhaps it does not really matter, you might say and that is certainly a point of view held by many.

A natural stone is simply cut and polished. A real stone is a natural stone but treated with heat or some other process to improve its look or color. Simulated stones look very much like the real thing. For example cubic zirconia which has often fooled many experts into thinking it was a diamond. Synthetics are made in a laboratory using the same elements and crystal form as a natural gem and are also very hard to distinguish from the real thing.

It is knowing what you are buying that is important. But if you buy jade earrings and pay for jade and then find it is synthetic or simulated then it is a serious matter as these are fakes and you have been swindled if you were told they were genuine or natural. Most natural stones are mined in Africa, Asia and South America and many communities depend on them for a living though the middlemen make the biggest profits. These are the issues involved.

If you are buying the jade earrings because they are pretty and within your budget then it is not so terrible. However if you were buying diamonds as an investment you would not like to be cheated. Always buy from a well-known and reliable source and do a little research first so that you have some idea of the market price. Also look at some of the lesser known gems on the internet which can make truly beautiful jewelry.

There are just so many beautiful gems to be found on this wonderful planet. Many like garnets often come from Africa though India too is a source. Tourmalines too come from Africa and also Brazil. These stones come in almost all the colors of the rainbow and are often multi-colored. Lapis Lazuli is found primarily in the Hindu Kush inside Afghanistan. The stone is the most unbelievably vivid blue, so much so that you would probably think it was a fake on first sight. Smaller deposits are found scattered all over the world even in the US, Canada, Chile and Russia.

Precious stones are found all over the world although certain countries are synonymous with certain stones. South Africa and diamonds for example, although other countries have them too. Burma has almost everything and Brazil is famous for its beautiful green emeralds. Madagascar is a more recent addition to the gemstone lore and has been the source of some breath-taking sapphires.

There are many other lesser known gems which are equally beautiful but may not have the depth of color or fire of an emerald or diamond. Then there are pearls. Nowadays most real pearls are actually cultured pearls but there are fakes too. Learn to tell the difference if you are a lover of these stones, it is not so difficult.

Like all beautiful jewelry, genuine gemstone jewelry needs to be properly looked after. Regular cleaning will keep it looking great and if you are not sure how to clean it do ask your jeweler rather than use an unsuitable product. Look out for antique pieces at salerooms or online to add a new dimension to your collection.

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