Who Is Ordering Luxury Lingerie?

By Kevin Wray

Throughout the course of human history, the fact of lingerie has always been lurking somewhere in the shadows; but, ever since The Industrial Revolution allowed for the mass production of luxury lingerie and ever since the sexual liberation movement of the 1960s, lingerie sales have been on a steady rise. Though few are willing to just come out and say it, luxury lingerie has now become one of the most popular gift items, and it's not just the wealthy playboy buying it for his pampered wife, anymore.

Studies reveal that about 50 % of all luxury lingerie is now purchased by women themselves. Since the 1960s, women have had a growing presence in workforce, and this appeal has earned them around few investment. Concerning married girls, mainly, it's been learned that, in back of makeup and clothing, luxury lingerie is probably the most purchased personal stuff. This fact emerges from the truth that married ladies often make up to 30 % less than their husbands. Therefore, husbands will probably undertake nearly all a family's costs. On the other hand, working wives build up more spending dollars, and to treat themselves (and their diligent husbands) luxury lingerie is a piece that most of them decide to purchase. Of course, don't assume all married people have economic situations that work out as purely this one, however it's been discovered that even in the event of a bond where a couple pay an equal share of the bills, wives will still dish out extra earnings for high quality bed room clothes.

Regarding married ladies, the majority of people who purchase luxury lingerie are married gents, and the reason for this trend is quite straightforward. Looking at the seasonal timing of underwear purchases by married guys, nevertheless, can be very unveiling. Based on one latest study in the USA, most underwear is bought in the winter months. This can for sure be due to Christmas, New Years, and Valentine's Day, primarily.

As it seems, similar to a holiday party or a stocking rich in snacks, underwear has the capacity to lift people's spirits, provided, of course, it's worn indoors by a blazing hearth. Gents often pay for underwear as a gift for girls to rekindle old flames of desire that sometimes grow dim over the years, and, if frequently rising statistics are any sign, one could reasonably say that it's a gift that's working.

But nowadays, lingerie isn't just for women. As we say, there's a market for every, and today magnificent bed room attire for guys is also being created and sold to a slowly expanding customer number of women. This growth shows that it may perhaps be true that it's truly always better "to give, than to receive," as women who've experienced the receiving end of lingerie gifting for several years are deciding it's now a chance to give a little back.

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