Behind the Boosh, Photography by Dave Brown

Collage of some of the photographs from exhibtion.

Oriel Colwyn, 01.09.12-16.10.12

Dave Brown also known as Bollo the Gorilla from the Mighty Boosh had a photography exhibition at  gallery 'Oriel Colwyn' in which photography of props, backstage scenes, shots from tour and scenes from the TV series was shown all in which he had photographed from the start of 2004 with the first series of Mighty Boosh right through to the tour and ongoing series.

The photographs were all in black frames giving a simplistic and modernist approach the whole environment had an intimate room the exhibition was in a small room at the back of the theatre. As Dave Brown was the photographer the images have a personal feel and don't look staged it is as he is shooting his friends and span over the twelve years of the Boosh they provide a unique insight into the characters behind the Mighty Boosh.