Inge Jacobsen

Artist Inge Jacobsen is painstakingly turning over saturated commercial images into ones of couture status. Her methods include hand embroidery, cutting, cross stitching and collage of well known commercial images, magazine covers and fashion advertisements into hand stitched unique, individual creations.

Her style is highlighting the image saturated society we play a part in and by breaking the image into its cross stitched design she redefines the image and in turn I feel embeds the image with fresh connotations away from its previous mass produced into individualism.  

Her use of cross stitching over the face of the model in both the magazine cover and fashion editorial shoot shows how the imagery we see doesn’t depend on the individual look of the model as we are accustomed to a pre-defined over saturated image of aesthetic beauty so by removing the details of the face we do not lose the appeal of the image. Jacobsen is allowing the imagery to become unique to our own perspective by removing the aesthetic ideals of mass produced images by her individual cross stitching.
I like how Jacobsen is allowing fashion imagery to become back to its routes of individual style rather than that of over saturated replica imagery.
Some other examples of her work -: