Sneaky Color- tricks you never thought about

I've been MIA for a while now, I know. Not to worry, it's all good things- busy building my color consulting business here in the Bay Area. Spiffed up my website, hired some marketing consultant help, and I've been getting lots of calls from yelp, which is great.  My daughter is off to morning preschool, which is super exciting. Not a lot of time left over for writing on my blog, which I really miss. But I had to come out of hibernation for this often neglected color trick.

Flipping through junk mail the other day, I was struck by the fabulous presentations in the pages of the Container Store, of all places. How on earth does one make storage and shelving units sexy?

By injecting color into the backgrounds, of course! It's a simply little trick, one that I have written about before, but it warrants digging up and repeating.

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Just the other day, in fact, I suggested to a client that she paint the backs of her built in bookcases in a grouping of light and dark olive and turquoise, ala Mondrian. She looked at me in shock and asked, "Is it really okay to have that much fun?" I laughed and reassured her that yes, fun could be had with paint color selection.

The safety of this small contained space- a shelving unit, opens up many possibilities to go boldly where no-one would usually go in a full-space.

Granted, no-one in their right mind is as organized and neat as these shiny catalogs suggest you could be, if you were to install their shelving systems. But, it certainly is inspiring to work towards.

(To those of you who actually -are- as tidy as these pictures show, I would like to invite you to come over to my house to organize me)

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That is all.