Digging the Advantages of 100% Cotton Scrubs

By Olivia Morgan-Gaines

For anyone who works in the medical field or healthcare establishments, getting the perfect set of scrubs usually entails going anywhere just to find one. So when you are purchasing scrubs, the most practical choices are either going online looking for various deals and prices or perhaps opting for local stores and retailers. Nonetheless, regardless of where you choose to buy your new set of scrubs, the most common trend these days is that majority of the brands you see sell scrubs made from pure cotton fabric. You see, the most preferred variety nowadays is without a doubt: 100% cotton scrubs. But why are people choosing this kind?

The thing is although there are several fabric materials used in making and designing scrubs, it is obvious that those made from entirely cotton are the ones that are more popular. In fact, it has become a norm that cotton is the finest and the best fabric for scrubs.

Fairly speaking, this kind of fabric is well-received and loved by many because of lots of reasons and it should be justified considering that nearly all brands of scrubs use the fabric in producing their top product lines. First of all, there should be various reasons why people love it and we'll try to find out each of them. For instance, you get that same positive impression on cotton the moment you wear it, even on casual and mundane clothing you wear. This is because it is a natural fiber. It does not have a lot of synthetic stuff or chemicals in it.

A natural fiber in this sense means that in utilizing cotton for medical scrubs, there is minimal and very little use of chemicals. And with the absence or lack of chemicals, 100% cotton scrubs will always be deemed to be natural and safe for the one wearing it. What's more, you also get to make sure you don't provide or add any kind of risk or health hazard to other people, since cotton is somewhat intended to be the perfect fabric for making any kind of clothing.

Other than the lack of harmful chemicals, one good advantage of the fabric used in nursing scrubs is the fact that it is hypoallergenic. It is important and even necessary for a number of healthcare companies and hospitals to require their workers to use medical uniforms made from cotton and the best rationale they have is that the same is hypoallergenic.

When a fabric such as cotton has hypoallergenic properties, it means that you get the benefit of avoiding potential skin allergies and irritations. One of the main disadvantages of low quality fabric types is that they usually result to itchiness on the skin and when that happens, it usually corresponds to skin allergies or irritation. So if you are working religiously in the healthcare or medical service field, you don't want to be wearing something that gives you skin problems.

When it comes to production and manufacturing, cotton is likewise quite advantageous because the resulting product is always soft and comfortable. The comfort at this point means that you will enjoy soothing, flexibility, and high level of breathability while wearing it. Additionally, comfort also means you are always relaxed when wearing it.

In the end though, still the most highlighted feature of 100% cotton scrubs is the fact that they are so easy to maintain while assuring the wearer that it will last longer than any other fabric material, even after constant wear and tear.

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