Gorilla Shoes from Vibram: Experience Barefoot Running

By Sebastian Cork

Vibram is the leading brand when it comes to barefoot running footwear and shoes. They market and advertise their footwear as something that serves as glove for the feet. Included in Time Magazine's best inventions of 2007, the FiveFingers is currently building a very large fan and loyalist base in the United States and many other countries in the world.

The FiveFingers product line is fondly called as Gorilla shoes, since the way it is designed bears a good resemblance of how gorillas use their feet. The overall concept of this line of shoes is emphasized on making a completely unique and innovative design. It is certainly the first thing that comes to mind whenever you are searching for footwear for the toughest outdoor gigs and adventures. In fact, it is well-known when it comes to activities and sports such as running, climbing, trekking, boating, and sailing.

FiveFingers are mainly designed to emulate the feeling of barefoot running. There are those who think that the look is awkward and weird. But for those who have tried it, the highest level of comfort and best performance can be felt. This comes in handy especially for those who are always looking forward to get ahead of the competition and wants to win every type of outdoor challenge. The very essence of the concept of barefoot running is to be able to maximize your performance whenever you take on whatever type of outdoor physical challenges.

Furthermore, their Gorilla shoes are a symbol of what protection and safety for the feet is all about. The consequence of wearing this kind of barefoot inspired footwear is that you just don't feel comfortable and at ease, you also feel your feet are in a safer state than what standard shoes could offer. The safety and added protection lead to the greater chance of avoiding and preventing injury.

The general design of the Vibram FiveFingers is mainly characterized by a separate and distinct compartment for each toe. Aside from the separate toe compartments, there is also a very thin sole underneath and the usual measurement is 1-2mm.

The purpose of offering a minimalist shoe approach is to make the experience of wearing the FiveFingers as close as possible to that of not wearing anything at all, or in simple terms, barefoot running style.

As for benefits, the FiveFingers offers a lot. For instance, the same footwear product line is responsible for strengthening and improving the foot muscles as well as the lower part of the legs. When you're putting your feet in constant pressure with physical activities, you are in need of more strength and that is provided by these shoes.

But what really makes these Gorilla shoes a priority on the shopping list is that you have the liberty to move more and move freely. The allowed level of comfort means you have a large room for motion for the toes, feet, and the ankles. Better movement and motion in turn leads to better performance overall.

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