Malene Birger Dresses For Autumn And Winter

By Chloe East

The latest winter fashion week has just ended, leaving behind it inspiration for women building their wardrobes for the coming season. The New York collections are a huge indicator of what women will be seeing in stores in 2013 but they also impact greatly on this winter's trends. The aesthetic for winter is quite unlike anything else that's featured during the year. Malene Birger dresses are the perfect example of this winter's fashions.

The Fifties Hitchock heroine look is what most designers were recreating in large and small ways. Romantic American Fifties fashion is huge this season. Hand held oatmeal and cream handbags are worn with frocks that are almost exact copies of Chanel's own patterns of the 1950s. The look is elegant and finished.

The A line skirts of the Fifties that were important for summer have been tossed out in favor of tailoring. Skirts are cut to clasp the knee instead. They're combined with long gloves with fur trims, and the final touch is a beehive chignon taken directly from the swinging Sixties.

The fabrics for winter are rich and precious. Layered lace, tweed and velvet are of black, burgundy and navy hues. Oatmeal and other bright, light neutrals replace the darker chocolate palette that usually takes women through cold seasons. Color and print have been given a summery feel with wild florals set on handbags and frocks.

Florals are worn as multicolored wildflowers and blooming white roses. Prints always act as focal points in this trend, so all else is monochromatic so that it fades into the background. It's not unusual to wear bright florals with neutrals. This is the first time flowers this bright have been included in winter fashions.

Birger styled a more romantic, whimsical look with draping frocks that ended at the foot. They were of black, electric blue and combinations of stone and black. Hems reached all the way to the floor and formed part of her current preference for oversized garments.

Leather is an important material for winter. Full leather dresses, suits and trousers were seen. They are almost always in black, regardless of the designer.

In men's fashion, animal print is used in print on print designs reminiscent of Prince's Eighties look. Women, on the other hand, are wearing leopard print on whimsical fabrics that are more feminine. Leopard print is used on draping blouses and dresses.

Winter layering is slightly more unusual than it was in previous seasons of the year. Capes are worn over coats and coats are worn over frocks. The Fifties cape/coat is back in tailored styles. Slits replace arms and hoods are absent on cuts that are A lined and end above the knee.

Any inspiration taken from the Fifties must pay attention to pleats. Birger used these in voluminous, flowing skirts of black that were worn together with feminine satin blouses which fitted more closely.

Sparkle is far from omitted from winter wardrobes. It's introduced through knits and sequins of pewter, silver and gold and few people will be doing without them this season. Malene Birger dresses used these palettes on jersey tops and frocks.

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