Animal Inspired Jewellery: How To Rock The New Trend

By Sisi Tsoi

Animals have always motivated style. Animals such as leopards and snakes intensely impact outfits and components, not only because of their skin structure, but in terms of shape and color too. Some of the biggest style and jewelry houses have become legendary due to their use of creature motivated outfits. Dolce and Gabbana, for example, are famous for their use of leopard creatures, including a magnificent advantage to their product. One of the most popular jewelry manufacturers Cartier have used leopard and panther styles consistently throughout the years, and many of the traditional items of jewelry feature the notorious leopard symbol.

Another well-known jewellery designer, Boucheron, did a exclusive range of animal jewelry,which included elephants, apes and zebras decorated in diamonds and jewels. These wonderful products may not be within your price range, but taking inspiration from them and wearing something similar will certainly attract some attention!

You can take motivation from these designers and get in on the 'animal action' by looking at some jewelry items on our website we have variety of alternatives to choose from whether its a adorable bunny ring, or some unique ladybug ear-rings, you won't run out of alternatives.

The literal take on animal physicality adds a quirky, fun edge to any outfit. By adding a colourful bejewelled necklace to an outfit you can transition from day to night without having to change clothes. Whether you're looking to add a cute and girly edge to your outfit through a pair of ladybug earrings, or a dark and mysterious edge through a wrap around snake ring, there are options for everyone. Animal jewellery can also add a personal touch to your outfit wearing an animal pendant may symbolise a pet at home or just a species you love. Giving animal themed jewellery as a gift is always a great idea too!

If you prefer a more simple feel, then you can opt for delicate items of jewellery such as feather ear-rings, or a feather pendant, which still speak out loud with its design. Another option is to integrate the medieval, 'darker' components of the creature structure, which proves popular with retailers such as All Saints, who are well known for adopting the bare structure of animals through print motifs and through their jewelry. To really emphasize this darker look, pair different colored steel jewellery over a printed design t-shirt and toss on a leather coat and denims to complete the outfit!

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