The Fascination Of Genuine Gemstone Jewelry

By Juliette Cruz

Beautiful gemstones have attracted human beings since ancient times and have long been desired for their various qualities. One of the main attractions is their beauty but many other legendary powers have been attributed to them. Genuine gemstone jewelry is made from gems which occur naturally in the earth. These gemstones cannot be manufactured on demand but have to be discovered.

Throughout history gemstones have been accredited with many different powers. Travelers seeking protection would wear a garnet and emperors who wanted the keep physically and mentally healthy would wear rubies. The ancient Greeks refer to them in legends and the Egyptians would wear them as lucky charms. High priests through the ages have worn them for the qualities they possessed. They were used for remedial purposes and in holy rituals.

One of the features which attracts many people to gemstones is their colors. They occur in a very wide range and variety of colors. Most gemstones are are actually colored by impurities or different trace elements. For example, corundum with chromium present is red and is called a ruby. Corundum with titanium traces present is blue and is called a sapphire.

One of the oldest traditions in jewelery is linking a particular gemstone with a birth date. This is believed to go right back to the breastplate of Aaron. The breastplate had twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. If a person wears that particular stone associated with the month in which they were born, they are believed to be affected positively by the power of the stone.

Many women like to select jewelery to match an outfit. There are so many beautiful colors which can add the perfect touch to an outfit such as the deep, burgundy red of a garnet or the intense blue of an aquamarine. Others associate the colors of gemstones with specific qualities. They will wear an emerald for its green color which helps them to achieve harmony and balance or an amethyst for its violet color which promotes spirituality.

Another attribute for which gemstones are prized is their perfection and durability. If a stone is scratched or damaged in any way it immediately loses its value. Most gems are rock hard and very durable.

The way a gem is cut is important in determining its value. Opaque stones like opals are usually cut as cabochons, which are smooth and dome shaped. Transparent gems are faceted to maximize reflected light. Tone, hue and saturation are all revealed in the brilliant flashes of light. A clean gem that is cut to good proportions will return a large percentage of light to the eye. If a gem is cut too shallow, the gem may seem washed out. A gem cut too deep will be much too dark.

Genuine gemstone jewelry is desired for its rarity and durability. The selection includes an array of colors and creative designs. The demand for gemstones is always there and while synthetic stones may be made according to demand, natural stones are in limited supply. A piece of jewellery made with rare and natural gemstones is special and gives great pleasure to the wearer.

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