Ready-to-Wear: The beauty of Net-a-Porter fashion and the absurdity of it.

"Everybody's talking about the new democratic world and whether high fashion is relevant. But without high there is no low. I don't like to intellectualize. I've always said fashion is like roast chicken: You don't have to think about it to know it's delicious.”Well one of our amazing girls here at NL Collective happens to live a vegetarian lifestyle…nevertheless I understand the point Lanvin creative director Alber Albaz once made in an interview with Marie Claire. In fact, here at NL Collective Group where we provide support in business development, creative direction, marketing, branding, and a plethora of other strategic activities for up-and-coming designers in order to get their product to the end-consumer, we can give shocking testimonials to how challenging it is to spoon-feed retailers the package of “high fashion relevance.” However, our very own designers are capable of obtaining their market share by responding to popular culture demand and providing both luxury and “wear-ability.”
I’m not completely certain on the effect a “new democratic world” has had on this season’s shift towards more wearable fashions, but as Raf Simons reflected during his much anticipated Dior Spring 13 Collection at Paris Fashion Week, “Liberated is probably the most important message.” Indeed it is Mr. Simons and we here at NL Collective we approve of your reinterpretation on the classic Dior Bar Suit; Simon’s reconstruction had a less stuffy appeal validating that importance of wear-ability. Our very own designer Ready To Fish at NL Collective Group provides a fashion forward approach to both luxury and wearable apparel. 

However this marketing trend has reached an interesting turn. Bloggers, retailers, and fashion insiders alike are flipping over Jil Sanders bagstrangely crafted out of paper. It appears to be your average run-of-the-mill paper bagwith an added touch of the designer’s name; this luxury paper bag retails for a whopping $300. 

At NL Collective Group we're pondering how far this trend will reach? 

Looks Featured:
Ready To Fish
Christian Dior
Jil Sander