Have Fun Customizing Alumni T-Shirts For Your Group

By Andy Flores

Everyone wants alumni t-shirts. Whether you're involved with a college, sorority, school or fraternity, customized apparel is worn with pride and is a great fund-raiser. Having customized garments helps everyone feel part of a cohesive unit. Display your message loud and clear whether you're promoting a music camp, sporting events or reunions, alumni t-shirts will set the mood for a great celebration.

The clothing firm you choose will be able to replicate your design onto your chosen articles. Perhaps you'd like your college logo or a snappy slogan. Even photos or scanned designs can be transferred to fabric, creating a unique design. If less than perfect, they may be enhanced or recreated to ensure a satisfactory result. A printing company will have a number of suggested formats which can be altered to suit your exact requirements. You can also discuss your needs if there is nothing in their samples that appeal.

The creative customer service officers will be able to tweak your blueprint if need be. Because of their extensive experience and training, they will have suggestions and advice which will ensure the finished design will stand out and make an impact. With complicated designs, you may be offered a sample so that the article can be approved before production goes ahead.

You can go online to design the garment of your choice. Choose the material and style you prefer. Then view the library of artwork clips and fonts. This will give you a huge amount of choice. Your printer will be able to recommend the best method for your particular needs. Screen printing is one of the oldest forms of printing. It is durable and practical. Each method of transferring pattern to material requires a different setup and you will be given a quote detailing exactly what your order will cost.

There will be a choice of color, size, fabric and style. PromoPays enable you to design your own apparel up to the point of printing. If ordering large quantities of custom-designed garments allow as much time as possible. At least three to four weeks is reasonable. Shipping time should also be considered. Every effort will be made to accommodate orders at short notice although this may incur a fee.

Cotton is always a popular choice for T-shirts. Choose from heavy cotton or a cotton blend like poly cotton. Sheer or fine jersey is another option or you may prefer baby or mini rib. Select from cap or short sleeves and either V, U, crew or round neck. Garments also come with pockets if required.

Because there is a series of steps to go through to set up production of custom apparel, you may be charged a screen or setup fee. Once the impression is made and the logo formatted, it will be saved to a file. If there are repeat orders which utilize the same design, the setup charge is generally waived.

If the design is to be done in embroidery, a logo submitted as a jpeg file may need to be digitized into a DST file. The embroidery machine is then able to read the artwork and follow the patterns. You will be quoted a price before work starts. Alumni t-shirts are very popular and great fun to design.

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