The Don't Tread On Me Shirt Slogan Signifies Our Country's Spirit

By Omar P. Morrison

Most individuals in our country are familiar with the popular dont tread on me that uses the famous slogan dating back to our American ancestors. The rebellious nature of our forefathers is shown in this phrase that demonstrated the courage and bravery of their spirit and strength which they used to lead our nation to become independent and represent the individualism that is recognized today.

The recognized don't tread on me makes a statement that helps people identify with the American legacy of independence and strength that was said to have been derived from some of Benjamin Franklin's very influential statements that reflect back to those times when our country was growing and needed to choose whether to band together or die apart. The don't tread on me immortal words were said to appear on the American flag prior to the stars and stripes along with the image of a rattlesnake. Those who fought for our freedom since the beginning of our country demonstrated bravery and courage that was clearly symbolized with that phrase and image of the snake.

You can choose from a variety of articles of clothing such as hats, emblems to be worn on your sleeve and various don't tread on me shirt products that you can choose to showcase your beliefs and personal pride about the freedoms we experience in this great country that are represented by this slogan. Articles are currently manufactured using the vintage artwork and stylish screen prints that present a rugged version of the American spirit.

Styles that mix the classic designs from the past with the more modern sense of adventure and personal liberty provide a unique combination when the don't tread on me slogan is combined with T-shirt designs that are influenced by our current culture of rock 'n roll, motorcycle culture or other artistic styles. These shirts can be seen being worn and distributed by some of today's famous musical performers and various other types of groups.

The best part of this clear display of the immortal words dating back to our county's inception is that the products available today including the infamous phrase are proudly manufactured in our great country of America, using the finest quality products and providing employment for our own citizens. And most fittingly, this high quality products that are American made and reasonably priced are attainable with a military discount to the men and women who bravely defended our country as a showing of support.

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