Swarovski Crystal And Its Interesting History

By Kelsey Benson

Swarovski crystal is a brand of crystal that is renowned throughout the world. Marketed under the Swarovski name, such crystals are recognized everywhere for their precise cuts, dazzling sparkle and exceptional clarity. They have been part of virtually all types of jewelry one can imagine, from rings and bracelets to tiaras.

In addition, they are even utilized in unconventional applications, which is a trend that has become increasingly popular. Such uses include embellishments for certain kinds of clothing or in home decor. Additional uses for these beautiful pieces are invented regularly.

Private companies in Austria and Switzerland manage the brand. In addition, the manufacturers offer non-jewelry product lines that feature the crystals, including a variety of glass products. The crystals are even utilized in the manufacturing of optical instruments and luminous road markers.

The company was first formed in Austria in 1892, with the cutting factory being a one-of-a-kind establishment. It was founded by Daniel Swarovski, who is, of course, the individual after whom the crystals are named. Each technique he invented was patented, such as his unique crystal-glass abrasion procedure. Three years following the formation of his company, he moved to the headquarters to Austria, in a town called Wattens where he could avail himself of hydroelectric power, as the latter provided the intense energy necessary for many of his patented processes.

Through innovative technology and the original ideas of its founder, the company has grown impressively over the past hundred years. The now famous Edelweiss flower was adopted by the company in the late 1980s, when the traditional swan logo was replaced. However, both logos are still thought of as symbols of Daniel Swarovski's legacy.

The crystals' characteristics are unparalleled regarding both substance and style. Products of this type feature cuts that are quite distinct and are subsequently almost never mistaken for any other brand. They can be found in a broad range of colors and shapes; however, each one boasts its own brilliant sparkle.

The brilliant appearance of each piece is a product of its thirty-two percent lead content. This lead content is part of the formula for all Swarovski lines, as it maximizes light refraction. Special metallic coatings are also used on specific products. Aurora borealis is one of the most well-known coatings of this type. This is because it creates a rainbow spectrum of light due to the way the rays are reflected from the surface of the crystal. For this reason, aurora borealis has become a favorite variation among numerous customers.

The website of the company offers numerous items in addition to a couture line, but these types of crystals can also be found in conventional stores and on various other websites. In 1987, the Swarovski Crystal Society was formed. The organization was founded by a group of individuals who collect such products or who are fans of the company. They publish a newsletter and organize events for those who find products of this type appealing. This luxury line of jewelry and other products will likely remain highly popular among customers worldwide for many years to come, and regardless of each shopper's individual taste, most people agree that it is a joy to own such crystals.

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