Why do we love Animal Jewelry so much

By Sisi Tsoi

hat summer time spirit is most likely in the air, and also as the days get lengthy and the sun shines brighter, you might start to long for discovery. The great outdoor awaits, in all its unpredictability and animalistic enthusiasm. To comfort you on to your natural summertime shenanigans, the most up-to-date jewellery craze - one that has got us young ladies at Siren London squealing over the pure cuteness and also badassery of the items - are animal inspired, and make a significant style and design statement. Born outside of the current revival in 1970s fashion, favouring long, moving tresses and fluid-like garments which shroud the entire body in complexity, the fame of these kinds of critter fashion accessories is soaring. Designers seek to pay homage to the organic modern world and emphasize its own splendour, and who will be we to resist?

The beauty of such type of a fashion is the fact you may demonstrate your character by picking out your very own spirit animal. Desire to be cute and cuddly? Opt for a matching panda bear necklace and ring, to be loaded with kitsch, sparkly goodness that will keep the flatters coming. Shopping for a wonderful piece which will lighten up an otherwise everyday outfit? Go with beautiful vibrant unique birds such as flamingos and toucans, with striking beaks and exquisite feathers. Alternatively, express your internal cat lady by channeling her by necklaces and earrings adorned with warm and friendly pet faces.

Keep in mind, it is not all happy-go-lucky in the wildlife kingdom. If you are after hard accessories that compete in the style stakes, it happens to be truly worth looking into what exactly is on the market at the moment. From silvery slithering snakes that wrap around your fingers and wrists and glitter fiercely under the sun, to wolves that remain silently around your trusty neck and stare with comfortable self-confidence, these types of brilliantly beastly pieces will probably frighten and encourage.

For a nod towards the untamed side without going over the advantage, pick a wraparound claw ring, or sometimes a basic shark tooth pendant to sling over your favourite band tee. These kinds of laid-back accessories bring along a punch and present to you are a girl to never be messed with, but they do not dominate your out-fit and cage you in. They are surely easy enough to be stacked with your own additional favorite jewels for an eclectic vibe, then again are able to similarly be worn by themselves for an understated, easily awesome effect.

Animal motifs can help you communicate your personal energy as well as your appreciation of the natural world in all its glory. A bridge between the standard along with the fashionable, these types of talismans put standard jewellery to disgrace by appealing to our primal intuitions through flashes of colour and also detailed style and design. Animals have this particular character that these are pieces of jewelry you will have to obtain and cherish for years to come - because after all, whilst we will probably think of this as a present hot trend, anyone who heard of an elephant or a lion going out of style? Timeless, elegant and completely unique, these types of animals grace the earth and are emblematic of its natural beauty; now they can elevate yours too.

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