Why everyone should wear leggings

By Sisi Tsoi

We all went crazy when the leggings trend took us by surprise. Every one of us appreciate the truth that it is akin to sporting supportive tights, it has a tightening impact, the instance we put them on, it instantaneously tucks our stomach away.

However, one can find more than a tightening impact, according to the Guardian Newspaper. It supports and achieves a slimming effect and offers tone and shape to our legs and belly. But everyone has to be aware, as our muscles can get lazy from relying upon our worn-out faithful leggings to tone our legs for us. To utilize leggings efficiently, we must always use them as our training weapon as well as a fashion statement. Don't forget to tense your muscles in different places from time to time, using a pulsating movement. That will enhance the firming effect from wearing the leggings.

Apart from the muscle toning, we are able to gain some fashion credit from putting on this simple clothing. You will find endless alternatives out there for us to choose from, I personally prefer the printed ones and the variety of lacy options.

Printed leggings- There are a few major images we can all opt for with regards to solidifying the title of fashionista. Like the now very well known Galaxy prints. In the whole of Bloggers sphere, Galaxy prints have ornamented the legs of the legendary bloggers out there. The magical character of the designs, with stars distributed among purples and deep blue. The other print that is worth a mention are the tribal prints. Many of these come in symmetrical patterns with horizontal lines. We can select a number of colour combinations from these patterns, from charcoal grey tones, to riots of reds and blues.

Lace leggings- there are many different sorts and patterns, it is a great option for the individual with a romantic mind or the rock princess in you. You will find printed lace leggings, when the beige nylon is over printed with black screen prints. There is certainly one more kind like the woven textured material which could come into play many different patterns, from quaint little florals to bold, repeated massive flowers. Sometimes you will get attractive patterns like skulls or contouring lines, which I specially think is the sort to covet. They don't just emphasize the outlines of the legs, but they also give a normal design an appealing twist. The best partner for lace leggings could be our best pal, the little black dress.

They don't just highlight the outlines of the legs, but they also give an ordinary design an interesting twist. The perfect partner for lace leggings would be our best pal, the little black dress. Of course, we can also team them with a long white shirt/blouse, or any tunic style in beige and light pink tones. It gives a normally quite gothic feeling bottom almost a light girly feel.

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