Reader Dilemma-cover that couch!

We all know this situation. You fall in love with a new piece of furniture, or in this case, a rug. You proudly display it in its new location, only to discover everything else has now been thrown out of balance. This brings us to this week's color dilemma, from Raven in Pennsylvania.
I am 'color challenged' and need some help picking out the best couch and chair cover colors to coordinate with a new rug we just moved into our living room. The only major consideration is that we have a dog who sheds white fur.... so what do you think?
So, the focus point in this room has obviously been shifted to the "olive" rug, and now her blues look out of place. So, the colors she has to work around are the orange-undertoned wood of the chair and couch frame and the yellow-greens and browns in the carpet. Raven's palette looks like this:
She could have a lot of fun with these colors. Here's an example of what one design did with this same palette (well, minus the orange tone wood). Notice how he incorporated the colors of the room in the throw pillows.
image source
I would suggest one of two solutions. If she doesn't want to go too crazy with colors, pick a color out of the rug to use on the sofa and chair covers; either of the two greens would be beautiful.
Here's what the light green might look like against the wood furniture.
image source
The lighter of the rug browns would hide white pet fur better, but the chocolate brown would contrast nicely against the light wood. Perhaps find a fabric that is textured with light and dark browns?

Just for fun, if Raven wanted to get crazy with her color scheme, she could pull in violet from across the spectrum, to create a split complementary palette.
I'm not suggesting purple in its purest form, but a color as equally-muted as the greens. A dusky tone.
And if she really wanted to go hog crazy, refinishing the furniture in a rich chocolate stain would really bring this room together.

Raven also mentioned that she rents, but if painting the walls were allowed, I would highly suggest toning down the bright white with a soft neutral green or taupe.
image source
So, that's my two cents. I'd love for you readers to jump in and offer Raven your advice, too. How would you suggest she pull this living room together?