Ready-made color at the MoMA

Reader Janel wrote in with this tip-thanks!
The NYC Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has a new exhibit up dedicated to the exploration of color from the perspective of contemporary artists who "assign color decisions to chance, readymade source, or arbitrary system." In other words, they viewed color not as something to create and personalize, mixing just the right tint, tone, or shade, but as a commercial product.

Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today
Held in conjunction with this exhibit is Color Lab, an interactive exhibit where families can play around with color. That's where you'd find me, if I lived just a teensy bit closer to New York city...

A little explanation of the exhibit from the MOMA website explains further.
The Romantic quest for personal expression instead became Andy Warhol's "I want to be a machine;" the artistry of mixing pigments was eclipsed by Frank Stella's "Straight out of the can; it can't get better than that."
image source Frank Stella, Gran Cairo. (1962)

Interestingly, Benjamin Moore paints is sponsoring this exhibit. Smart cross-marketing move on their part, wouldn't you say?