Yay for daring colors

For those of you who are completely petrified to try color, this one's for you. Go from beige to bravo!

Here's a great example of working with a space, instead of against it. Sometimes, when people are faced with small, dark spaces, their first reaction is to try to lighten it up, and make it feel bigger. Instead, embrace it for what it offers. Like with tiny powder rooms- there is no way you can deceive people into believing it's a big space. Often called "jewel-boxes", they can be painted deep, rich colors, and offer delightful surprises for those who enter.
This room was the darkest in the house, and didn't really serve any purpose. Now, with the cozy deep eggplant walls, luxurious cranberry seating, and whitewashed table, it's a dedicated study that is much more inviting and snug.
Here, this bedroom lacked much personality. Add a splash of color, change the seating, hang a low chandelier to anchor the space, and suddenly, you have a much more interesting, modern space.
See, pink doesn't have to be over the top feminine if you temper it with crisp white and a strong graphic rug. Which room draws you in?
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