Yes, you can walk on this art

Why not turn walking up a flight of stairs into an experience, rather than just a task? And what better way to do this than through color and text!

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This is "Scala", painted by Horst Gläsker in Wuppertal, Germany. The words on each of the 112 steps describe different emotions in relationships.
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1st set of stairs text translated:
to forgive, remorse, to protect, jubilant, honor, family, to frighten, fear, innocence, homeland, to, cuddle, to heat, mother, to stroke, luck (more)

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There are 9 sets of staircases in all. That's a lot of climbing and reading!

I'd love to know how the color and word combinations were created. Was there a specific theory behind how each color corresponded with it's word? I sent an inquiry to the artist, but haven't heard back from him.

Want to see more? Professor Gläsker has created many other amazingly colorful architectural pieces.

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