A solution to cubicle farms

Everyone knows people function better and are happier in supportive environments. If you're stuck in the gray compartment of a cubicle for 8+ hours a day, it can wear on you.
This brings to mind Madonna's "Material Girl", set to new words:
'cause we are living in a cubicle world,
but I am not a cubicle girl
You know that we are living in a cubicle world,
but I am not a cubicle girl
There have been some creative solutions to breaking out of the nightmarish zone called the rat maze. One I haven't seen before was created with cool laser cut forms for desks, partitions, doors, you name it. Who is behind this? Because We Can, based in my hometown of Oakland, CA, is a sustainable interior design & custom furniture firm. Design-build is cool because everything is built to spec, so no waste!
While a gray sea of cubicles might be acceptable for some companies, Cryptic Studios, a gaming design company, knew their creative team needed something more inspiring than your standard "cube farm". The theme for the cube walls is 'Cities of the Future'. As you know, we creatives don't function too well in gray boxes.

Each area is its own city, and its own color.
Color coding the cube areas enable staff to easily find each other.
They even have hanging space ships and such to tie into the overall theme.
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And of course, it wouldn't be California without our Golden Gate bridge and a giant sea monster! Just peeking beyond these colorful dividers, you can see sadly unadorned cubicles.

Which desk would you rather sit in?