Latest Stir article- the low down on online design

My latest Stir article just went live, and it's featuring several color and design experts we know and admire. If you don't know about them, it's high time you did!
Thanks to Maria Killam, Barbara Jacobs, Kelly Berg, Jennifer Mitchell, and Lori Sawaya for taking the time to share their insights and opinions on virtual design.
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The Pros and Cons of Online Design
Can online design really deliver the same kind of professionally designed rooms clients get via hands-on design?
E-decorating is all the rage these days. In tough economic times, homeowners are getting creative to make their money stretch farther. The popularity of home decorating shows, design blogs and home design magazines has propelled interior design from an exclusive perk, once available only to the wealthy, to an accessible service for just about anyone. Armed with a sense of empowerment, and tightened purse strings, homeowners are seeking alternatives to in-home design services. So, is online design an opportunity ripe for the picking, or a potential waste of time and money? Continue reading
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