Color commitment can be scary

I just did something I generally counsel clients -not- to do.

Remember how I told you my husband was probably my most challenging client ever? (scroll down to bottom of guest room saga). Can you guess where this is headed? ;-)

The challenge: we're in the market for new sofas.

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After testing out about twelve zillion different sofas over the course of multiple shopping excursions, my husband and I had finally settled on a model. Not the slickest looking sofa ever, but I really wanted something comfy for naps and watching movies. (We're actually just getting two sofas, not a sectional.) So, there we were at the furniture store, faced with the final decision: choosing a fabric for our new sofas. Here's how it went down:

Me: I think we should stick with a neutral color so we're not locked into one color forever. This is a pretty big purchase that we'll have for at least 15 years, you know?

Husband: But that's so -boring-! What about something like this? (holding up terracotta and oranges) They're yummy.

Me: Ug, that's a lot of orange to live with. A strong color will really limit our options if we want to change things up in the future. What if our tastes change? (pushing a chocolate brown and a creamy beige swatch his direction)

Too dull!

(this continues for the next half hour...)

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Me: Okay, okay, okay. Maybe something deep like brown, but with more color. What about this? (pulling out a deep rich purple swatch aptly named "grape")

Yeah, I like it.

Great! -Now- can we wrap this up and go home?

So, we now have two purple sofas headed our way in about 4-6 weeks. I loved the color, but for a large purchase like a sofa, I think neutral would have been a safer choice. I'm a bit freaked out about this big commitment! Is this a "go big or go home" moment, or just a huge mistake?