Challenge: finding the perfect rug

They're here, they're here! Our violet sofas arrived on New Years Eve in all their purply splendor.

Ophelia, our paper maché hippopotamus perched atop the cabinet, is thrilled. A rug to tie everything together is definitely needed. Yup, yup, yup. 

Our initial thinking was to try and visually tie the dining room together with the living room area.

This is a old shot before our new plum pretties came and our dining area became a massive pile of old couches, chairs and random furniture.

So, here are the essentials:
Fact #1: this is a rental, so we're not married to the style of the house or the wall colors as a permanent fixture, although we do love both

Fact #2: We have a dog who, when feeling ill, takes comfort in throwing up directly on the living room carpet. Not the easy clean-up hardwood or tile floors, but instead the cozy rug. She has black fur, and sheds all over the place, so large areas of very light colors have to be out for practicality purposes. (the blonde dog stays with us quite frequently, as well) So, dark fur and light fur to contend with, not to mention kiddos to come.

Fact #3: Our dining room, situated in the same space as the living room, right behind the sofas, sports chairs with blue, green, and turquoise cushions which would be nice to tie together with the living area
Update: I think we're throwing the blue/green dining room colors tie-in out of the equation. too many factors and the chairs are such minor elements, anyways.

Fact #4: The blue throw pillows are eminently changeable, should we so desire.

Fact #5: We can't be too frivolous $-wise with a rug that's going to take a beating.

SO, are you up to the challenge? What rug would you select for our living room? I can't wait to see what you all suggest!